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  Following a thorough study of the various aspects of carpet design and production, Galaincha, a full-featured software application, has been developed to carry out the entire pre-production process very easily and in much less time compared to the traditional manual means. It allows the user to design the carpet of desired size and quality, quickly modify the design, see numerous color combinations, immediately print the graph, and estimate how much of wool of each color will be required for weaving the carpet. These otherwise traditionally separate processes have been integrated into a single application, offering tremendous improvement in time-efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

Now as soon as the design is ready, it can be viewed in hundreds of color combinations in no time so that the best color combinations can be identified promptly. Preparing the graph, which would sometimes take a couple of days depending upon the complexity of the design and still suffer from inaccurate proportions, is now precise and just a matter of few clicks in the software. Similarly, the exact proportion of the wool of each color required for weaving the carpet is also available, so the stock can be checked beforehand, or accurate amount can be dyed, thus avoiding wastage.

Because of the use of computer, the users enjoy a number of other benefits besides efficiently carrying out their traditional processes. Sending the design to the importer for approval and modifications, for example, becomes easy. Design catalogs can be printed in more attractive manner. With design generator feature, the user can create thousands of attractive patterns that can be used to prepare numerous attractive designs. As all these designs can be properly filed in a single computer, storing and retrieving them becomes extremely simple. As the user becomes more used to this software and the designs accumulate, few cuts and pastes can result in strikingly new designs. The more the user becomes familiar with this software, the more efficient the process becomes. That is, designs of better and better quality and appeal can be prepared in lesser and lesser time.

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