A customer walks in his store looking for a carpet. She has in mind the kind of design and colors she is looking for. She could not find these in the three stores she had visited earlier.

"Ah, this design will be OK, but do you have it in this color? I would like to see it before I decide to buy or place an order", she demands.

She opens RUGallery in his computer, and opens the design. He switches on the multimedia projector connected to his computer. She could now see a real size carpet design of her choice projected on the wall. As he turns on the texture effect for the design, she feels that she is looking at a real carpet hung on the wall. He then invites her to choose the colors of her choice and apply in the design. She takes less than 10 minutes to decide the color combination she prefers. As she is decided, he presses the "Order It" button in the software. This action automatically sends an e-mail containing the design name and applied colors to his manufacturer. 

She feels satisfied and very happy because she got exactly what she was looking for, and he is glad that he could extend this service to his customer.

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