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GOPAL.TTF : A very true type Devnagari font for Windows

Khusbu Sarkar Shrestha

Published in CORE, Mar/Apr, 1995


Thought Iíd share with you a few things that I know and you don't. No rubbish, something really useful. Not that I am exhibiting my generosity, I am simply planning to reformat the 30 year old bio-hard disk I have been doing with since I was born. I have quite a many interesting applications that I intend to transfer into your HD, if you can bear the pain of reading 9980 more bytes of formatted text. However you got to listen to my problems first. Yes, I am going to reformat my highly defragmented HD. I have decided that. I am sick and tired of "Insufficient disk space" messages I get every time I try to install new knowledge into my head. And I am planning to double space it too. My parents did not think of CorelDraw 4.0 and MS Word 6.0 when they planned my birth. But I am a little confused about compressed volumes. Some say it makes you slow. However Bill Gates must have had reasons to pay Stacker Company 125 million dollars. I don't know. But one thing I really need is additional RAM. I canít always walk around with plain 4 MB of that inside my skull. What would Allen Tuladhar think of me ? How would I explain to him that its not the price of his software, nor the question of violating copyright laws in any possible manner that I am worried about... I simply don't have enough memory to afford commodities he displays impressively in his sophisticated shop. So far I have been fooling people with my virtual memory. Certainly it works, but do you realize the kind of price you must pay for that ? Do you think its fun to understand and laugh on a joke, only 30 minutes after you actually hear it ? Anyway.


Yes, thanks for your patience through out the last paragraph. Few more lines and we'll get into the business. I was wondering  what kind of guy or girl you might be. I wonder if you are following me or not. If you don't understand what I am talking or writing about, I suggest you simply skip this page and read something else or go for a cup of tea or think about joining a computer institute in your neighborhood. 5 in 1 package, C, Windows programming, software development, consultancy, Lotus 123 WYSIWYG, Always, Never, Hardware maintenance, Devnagari font, Tibetan font, Punjabi font, one student one computer, one student one chair, extra practice hours, extra waiting hours, free handouts, free lightouts, all AT machines with hard disk facility, all computers with keyboard facility...  they'll offer you every thing you can imagine in your wildest fantasy. Only that you have to be prepared to withstand the sweet aroma of 20 stinking pairs of disposable nylon socks. But they don't write that in Gorkhapatra. Shhhh !.. Undocumented.


So where were we ? Oh yes, I was supposed to give you some exciting information so that you can impress all your friends who don't read CORE magazine. Well, just a few more lines and I'll let you know something that will change your life. Really.


Let me tell you about an incident that happened not long ago. In one of my  articles for CORE magazine, titled "Mastering Prince of Persia", I had humorously mentioned " this trick is strictly for children above 18 years of age.. ". And guess what ? One gentleman, I don't know who, getting the wrong message, got so curious to find out about the trick, he waited until every one left the office, locked the door, and followed the instructions carefully, only to find out a  Microsoft flag appearing in the screen ! He was expecting something more "adult" and "non-veg" ( like Mandy2 ). Poor guy.


This time, you'll have even better reasons to perform my instructions in privacy. Because only you should be privileged to learn the tricks. Why ? Because, then, not only you will earn yourself a name, you will also become a millionaire overnight, depending how enterprising you are.


I want to teach you how to develop a font. Its easy. Takes only 5 minutes or so. You can make true type fonts for Windows. Devnagari, English, Croatian, Karnataki or Rhodesian, whatever you like. And you can name it as you want. Heard about Sama or Himali_Fontasy ? Now itís your turn to add a few more in the list. Say ,how about Dwarika Das or Phool Maya font ? Or even Hanuman Bold?. I'll leave that to your imagination.  

Alright, here are the ingredients we need:
   A software called Fontographer 3.5. It comes in a single diskette. Doesn't cost much money. If your local vendors are too jealous to sell you that, call me, I'll make arrangements to have one installed in your computer.

    Second and the last thing you need is a Devnagari font. Of course, we can do without it. But then we'll have to develop the font from scratch. And it takes longer time. What you should simply do is, modify some one else's font beyond recognition. Then name it as your own font. No, its not illegal. I tell you, talking about legality, its perfectly legal just to rename someone else's font and distribute them as your own. I have explored deep into this matter. CorelDraw has used fonts developed by others by simply renaming them. The standard font called "Universal" has been renamed as "USA" and has been distributed as CorelDraw's personal property. Only font names can have copyrights ! Trust me. I have enough documents to support my point. If you are still not convinced, let me give you an example. Suppose, I draw a circle. A circle having 5 cm diameter. Now, do you think I should throw tantrum every time another person draws a circle with 5 cm diameter ? " Hey watch out, don't you dare to draw another circle with the same diameter, I developed it first, and that my circle !!!" Is it fair that no one else in the whole universe should have rights to reproduce that circle ? Think.


By the way, if you are so sensitive about copyright laws, even singing " Happy birthday to you... " in public is absolutely illegal. The song was made by two American sisters ( I forgot their names ) and the song is patented. Just for your information.


Sorry I got carried away. Now the question as to whether it is legal to modify someone else's font has been dealt with, let us concentrate on how to modify it. Simply follow the following steps.

  1. Run the Fontographer program.
  2. Click "File", choose "Open"
  3. Select an existing TTF file.You'll find them in Windows\System directory.
  4. The font's character map will be displayed in the screen. You can select a particular character by double clicking on it and modify  it simply by pulling and moving the "nodes" or points. But we will not do that. We are too lazy to operate on each character one by one.
  5. Click "Edit" choose "Select All". All Characters will be highlighted,
  6. Click "Special" then choose "Change Weight ..."
  7. You'll be asked for a number. Enter " 15 " or " 25 " or whatever you like. Bigger the number, fatter the font will become.
  8. Click " File". Choose "Save as..."
  9. Enter "Gopal" or whatever you want to name it.
  10. Click "Edit". Choose "Font Attributes..."
  11. Type "Gopal" for Font family name and Full Name
  12. Change the Copyright Notice. Type something like " Gopal Ram Sharma, Datatronics Computing and Japanese Language Institute, Bag Bazaar, All rights reserved @ 1995"
  13. Click "More..", fiddle with the Name table entries. Or don't.
  14. Click "Okay" and you'll be back in the main menu.
  15. Click "File" choose "Save"
  16. Click "File" again,choose "Generate Fonts..."
  17. Check on "Windows True Type" then click "Okay"
  18. Wait for 30 seconds while the CPU works for you. Stretch your arms and spread your lips. You have done enough hard work for the day.
  19. Exit Fontographer.
  20. Congratulations ! you have just created a brand new original font called Gopal.ttf. It's already there in your windows\system directory. Just need to load it through the Control Panel's Font utility.And its ready to be marketed.

Now that you have created your own true type font, you should plan the marketing strategies. Though smart guys have already done what you just did, and have made fortune out of it, you might still be lucky to find the remaining of the computer illiterate consumers who would be very happy to have their computer " converted to Nepali ". These people who dont know the difference between a Hard Disk and a doormat , obviously wouldn't mind paying Rs 5000.00 for that. I'll give you a further tip, try government offices, even better if you have special connections. Hurry up, get hold of 20 naive computer users, and you'll have one lakh rupees to buy a brand new 486 DX. Just think about it, one lakh neat cash in 5 minutes work ! And think about the fact that you have just become a bonafide " computer programmer ". Zee, You have developed a font !!! A true type Devanagari Font for Windows. That too with your own name " Gopal " . Now every one will know you. Your dad can proudly tell his friends " My son is a computer specialist". May be you should stand for CAN's election next year. If you do get elected, don't forget to give me a call.