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Khusbu Sarkar Shrestha

Published in CORExpress, Mar/Apr 1998


Why is World Link providing internet service ?

Because the owner is Mr. Dial-Up ( Dilip ) Agrawal.


Why does Ted think Allen Tuladhar is really selfish ?

Because he always says "Only me, Ted ! Only me, Ted !" ( Unlimited )


Is CAS making any one really rich ?

You Guess ( Yogesh ).


Who is selling 3COM products in Nepal ?

3Shakti Joshi !


Who stacks all of Merchantile’s profit ?

$anjeev Rajbhandari.


What should be the upgraded name for Nepal’s number one film animator ?

Nirmal 3D Sherchan


What’s the new name Bijaya Krishna has in mind for his company ?

BILLtronics !


Why aren’t Rajan ,Pratul and Raju doing aggressive marketing anymore ?

Oh Tired ! ( Otard ).


How do you know DesignCo’s chief has a Master’s Degree in Engineering ?

Mrs. Timila M.E. ( Yami ) ‘s name say so.


How do you know SPINS’s boss is money minded ?

Ask PraCASH Brajracharya !


Who is High Tech Pioneer’s rich owner ?

Mr. Money Shakya.


Who are Dibas, Ajaya, Shree, Dipendra and Rajendra ?

COREspondents !


What would Suresh Regmi want Kathmandu to be called if we do well in software exports ?

SiliCAN Valley !


What’s free at Cybermatha Tea House ?

Tomato K@chup


What is the difference between Aishwarya Rai and a computer freak?

One is the real Miss World and the other misses the real world.


Why do Germans import Nepali Carpet but not Nepali software ?

They have more faith in our knots than in our nuts.


Do They sell SIMM Chips at Computer Advance System ?

RAM ? YES ! (Ramesh) Joshi thinks so.


How do you send a bmp file through e-mail to Pilgrim Software ?

Sushil BhATTACHan has the solution.