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Published in CORE, Mar/Apr, 1995


June 12, 1995.

Princess of Persia
80/86 Central Processing Unit,
PC lane,
Assembling House,
Memory 1023K




I saw you for the first time at the Infotech Exhibition. Your charming figure immediately executed my microprocessor. This in turn short-circuited my brain and I had a burning desire to speak to you but I could not utter a single Word-“Perfect you are my dear!”-my inner memory whispered. I longed a lot to exchange bits and bytes of information with you and offer you a LOTUS but unfortunately you vanished behind the series of databuses. In search, I scanned the operating environment through the WINDOWS but in vain. Still, your Nixie figure is completely multiplexed into my ROM.


Returning home, I could not erase you out from my memory. My mind started to operate in floating-point format and my heart begun to flip-flop in turmoil. My system could not boot and my flowchart behaved abnormal. My on-line server failed to provide me the required information. I could not register the progress of my hardware and software. Eventually, I caught a virus and I had to scan my whole body. Dr. Norton also came to cure me but still, I am not fully recovered.


Earlier, I also sent you a lot of electronic mails but you did not reply. If you still love me please send me your address via the network or meet me at the AND gate of 80486. Failed to respond may interrupt our close coupling 68X00 family.

Waiting anxiously for your answer.

Your Loving Friend,

Bill Bahadur Dhoka