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Princess Closes Her Heart


Published in May/Jun, 1995


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Bill Dhokas
68000 Appletalk
ANSI Avenue
BIOS Boulevard




I scanned through your text file and found that your format is not compatible with mine. I belong to the rich, fast and modern Pentium family while you are conservative, slow, and old-versioned.


I also saw you at the exhibition, but I put your image in my RAM, so that when I quitted from the hall, all of my volatile memory also vanished. I feel sorry that I could not save it in my hard disk.


I have different operating environment than yours and I am neither your client nor your server. I wish to remain stand-alone. When I get bored, I play solitaire and mine sweeper peeping out of Windows.


There is no question of loving you because (to me) there is no difference between love and hate. ASCII code of both of them consist of boring pattern of 0ís and 1ís.


It seems to me that you were easily overcome by the high resolution color graphics of my image. Beware that it occupies a lot of memory and you may become mad by running short of it.


Although I received your e-mail, I could not read it because it was password protected. Moreover, I felt jealous because you sent me blind copy.


Life is like a hard disk which can be formatted many times whenever a problem occurs. Try to be as smart as a laptop and as strong as a desktop.


Do not warn me of interrupting our coupling family. Even if you hang yourself, all I have to do is boot myself to keep my programs running. Thatís all.


Who Am I


(Princess of Persia)