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1995 in retrospect
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1995 in Retrospect


Published in CORE1995/96

The year 1995 saw a prominent increase in the purchase of computers, peripherals and accessories and the local vendors were quite successful in selling them. From the data collected by CORE, we list the major achievements of some of the vendors in town in 1995.


Maintenance contract of UNICEF.
Networking at JAKPAS.


CAS Trading House

Supply of:
Thirty eight 486DX2 machines to The World Bank.
Forty Pentium-75 machines to USAID.
Twenty seven Pentiums and four 486 DX4 machines to Nepal SBI Bank.
Two Pentium servers and ten Pentium-75 machines to NABIL.
Two UNIX servers and twenty-five dumb terminals to Hotel Yak & Yeti.
Two servers and fifteen dumb terminals to Hotel Malla.
Two high-end servers and twenty-five 486-33 machines to Police Headquarters.


CIS Traders

Letter of Intent signed with NIIT.
Digital distributorship (from reseller).
Supply of two Digital HX290 servers to NABIL Bank.
Customer billing data entry tender to Nepal Electricity Authority.


Computer Systems & Integrated Technology

Supply of:
Eighteen 486 machines to Nepal Oil Corporation and Nepal Food Corporation.
Pentiums, 486 machines, printers, UPS and Accessories to Nepal Telecommunications Corporation.


Dina International

Microsoft distributorship to Bhutan.
The launching of Windows 95 at Hotel Bluestar.

Elite International

Creative Technology distributorship.
Supply of :
Eight AST Pentium 90 MHz servers and forty 486/Pentium machines to Grindlays Bank.
Three Pentium 90 machines to USAID.
AST Pentium server with diskarray controller (RAID level 3) and twenty-five 486DX2 computers and networking at USIS.
Set up the communications centre (White House press) at Hotel Soaltee during the visit of Hillary Clinton to Nepal.


International Electronics Concern

Canon authorised distributor for Nepal.
Launching of new standard BubbleJet printer in Black & white and colour printing, non-polluting copiers, high-technology fascimiles, and colour notebook that prints in colour and scans as well.
Canon authorised service centre in Nepal.
Compaq dealer associate for Nepal.


Mac Support Professionals

Networking of Nepalese Parliament which has 1 IBM Pentium server, 2 IBM computers and 19 LC Macintoshes.
Wide Area Networking for Media Resource Centre, Nepal Press Institute between Nepalgunj, Biratnager and Kathmandu. Computer training of 24 journalists at Nepalgunj and Biratnagar.
Supply of 11 macintoshes to Nepal Administrative Staff College and training.


Mercantile Office Systems

Started providing full Internet services.
Release of client-server version of banking software, the Pumori Plus.


Otard International

DELL Pentium-90 machines to UNFPA.
DELL Pentium-90 machines to WHO.
ALR Pentium 25MP series to Forestry project.


World Distribution Nepal

Compaq Pentium-90MHz machines to USAID.
1 ICL Ergopro 466 server to Hotel Mountain.
1 Compaq Proliant 1500 server to Hotel Sherpa.
1 Compaq high-end server and 7 systems to Association of Crafts.
5 Compaq and ICL 486 machines to NABIL Bank.