Understanding Computer Science

An Introduction to DOS 5.0 and WordPerfect 5.1



An Introduction to DOS 5.0 and WordPerfect 5.1  


Author : Madhu Sudan AcharyaTotal pages : 109
Printers : Jay Nepal Office Support
Price : Rs. 45
First edition : 2049


Published in CORE, Jan/Feb, 1994


The zeal taken by Mr. Acharya to write and publish a book on the use of DOS and WordPerfect is  commendable. As more and more people are being exposed to the fascinating world of computers, such a book, that also in Nepali, can become very useful for majority of the new computer  literates.


The book is divided into two sections. The first part starts with an introduction to different usage of computers, kinds of computers and basic components of computers. The rest of the section is devoted for describing few basic DOS commands. The commands explained in this section are sufficient for beginners, however there are few short comings and errors in this section. The function of Control Unit in a computer is described as a monitoring agent which supervises the functioning of other components of the computer. This is not totally correct. The Control Unit is that part of the computer which sequences the operations performed the computer, it determines what actions to be done and when. Another short coming worth mentioning is that, technical words such as Kilobytes(KB), Megabytes(MB), frequency are used without mentioning what are they. Few DOS commands as echo, pause are used without any description. Thus the book fails to become self sufficient.


The second section deals with WordPerfect and gives step wise methods for formatting documents. The book succeeds in describing most of the commonly used formats. However the book lacks sufficient examples and figures, this can confuse the first time users. As WordPerfect is used together with other softwares as HG, LOTUS and other word processors it would have been better if a detailed section on how to import, export and grab text , figures etc. from other softwares, had been included.


If these short comings are overlooked the book can be a good helping hand for novices and a handy guide for more regular users for quick references. It is still to be seen how much Mr. Acharya has succeeded in enriching the Nepali language by coining many new words for English technical words. Let us hope that the new words survive.